Monday, 31 January 2011


Open day at Temple Gates Open Dojo today, which was good fun, especially since I haven't had much martial arts experience. Cross training in grappling and to a lesser extent striking would be good, except that I really don't have the time or the funds at the moment. I did a short presentation with Jon about HEMA, which seemed to go quite well - he wrote it up on the SG forums, for those interested.

Mulling over things, the idea of going back to basics with the Lichtenauer system and working upwards into more complex stuff is definitely appealing if I teach more. Got to think about IDC a bit some time too.

And this art / is quite earnest and righteous, and it goes / from the nearest in search of the closest and / goes straight and right when you wish to / strike or thrust. [Text from Dobringer, Picture from von Danzig.]
As an introductory session, I'm trying to think of a way of presenting Lichty in a was that people of varying levels of interest can get something out of. At the moment, for a first lesson, I'm thinking something along the lines of:
The guards (Vier Leger) - cue moment in the pub of 'These are my guards. There are many like them, but these four are mine.'

  • Ones that present a clear threat (Ochs, Pflug, Vom Tag). How Alber doesn't, but how by inviting an attack it takes the initiative.
  • How some of them are hanging guards, (Ochs and Pflug), and how they displace an attack. Introduction.
A drill to get people more comfortable with displacing an attack, similar to Jon's blocking drill. ie. Person A attacks with either a downwards or an upwards cut, and Person B displaces it with their point on-line. Degrees of complexity. OR Start in the bind, Person A thrusts, Person B displaces it. [It's a question of how isolated the technique needs to be - it can be used either from zufechten or the if the feeling of the bind is right. I guess the second drill isolates it more, but feels more isolated/artificial. Sticky swords is good, but not the foundation of teaching.] Isolation.

The beginnings of a core drill that a hell of a lot can be built from - Person A attacks with a Zornhau, Person B counters with a Zornhau of their own, and whoever has the centre line thrusts (the good old Zorn-Ort). Whoever receives that thrust displaces it by moving into either Ochs or Pflug. [Srsly, from this kind of drill you could build up  almost all the bindwork]. Intergration

Sure, there's a lot of conceptual baggage not explicit there, hell it doesn't even include the iconic Meisterhau-s. But it seems as good a place as any to start.

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  1. This seems like a good workable idea, and kudos on the session with Jon, nice to get this stuff out there. I haven't had a real chance to go over this stuff and am kinda fried from work etc. but we'll talk tomorrow no doubt. :-)