Tuesday, 8 February 2011

07/02 Training

Session seemed to go well - a good turn out, nine people, but I forgot the crossguard, pommel etc. for the nylon blades we have so we were still short of equipment. Lesson went more or less to plan, except that one person showed up with a bottle of mead for the end of session, so we stopped five minutes early and toasted our Glorious Former Leader.
Turn out was seven people, plus one newcomer (attached to last weeks newcomer, which is nice), Glorious Former Leader and myself. As that meant that over a third of the class hadn't made last week, I decided to do a re-cap of last weeks lesson too, biting into sparring/structured sparring time. Seemed to go okay though.

Footage and moar footage for footage of sparring, comments and criticisms welcome (they're also up on the super top-secret Facebook Group). No, seriously. Tell me how I can improve.

Soo, 9am tomorrow. Need to send out an email letting people know that there's no session next Monday. I'll leave it till tomorrow. Also, sources for Jakob. (Yeah, sorry, but significant others are actually more important than historical martial arts. Live with it, even if it does mean sacrificing one night of training.).

Note: Teaching doesn't give you enough time to warm up or spar. Managed to get there early/on time, but did forget things as I said.

Kudos to - Jakob, for picking up on things immediately, questioning my interpretations, and having patience with my explanations. Cat for getting the points that I was making immediately (but boooo! for hand-sniping during early sparring), Johann for helping new-people, and Tom for being receptive to what I had to say.

Comments and Criticisms of the videos, and more importantly of the lesson are more than welcome.

And your meme of the evening:

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