Friday, 4 February 2011

1st Commissar for War and Education...

So, yesterday I was in this pub, right...

No, that's not the right impression. An email's gone out so this should be pretty public knowledge in the club. Yesterday I met with Johann and Gary, mainly to discuss a transition of responsibilities for IDC. It's nothing drama-wise, Johann has a lot on his plate thanks to the University and feels that he should take a step back from running sessions and teaching to, well, learn things and enjoy fighting with swords more. Fair play to him. Gary and I will be running things day to day, and I'll be focusing on teaching.

A few issues, like insurance, that I should probably get sorted. BHFS looks like the safest/most official option, but the website is buggered, and I understand that it's a bit of hassle. On the only hand, I could go with Amateur Martial Association, which seems a little less trustworthy, but also less hassle.

Some good feedback over the week, and I've been thinking about teaching, the role of questions and approaches to learning a bit. Currently just a bunch of ideas brewing in my head, but I may work out a plan for Monday's class at some point. I should spend the weekend working on my dissertation and other academic work, but no plan survives contact with the enemy.

And also:

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