Wednesday, 23 February 2011

21/02 Sparring Footage

Thanks to Jakob for taking the footage and getting it to me:

First up, Cat vs. JP (Pixels):
Then Dave sparring myself. Problems with shortsightedness and the mesh of the mask meant that we mainly stuck to fencing from the bind, rather than from zufechten:

Finally Jakob and I sparring:

Comments and criticisms please!


  1. Might be worth drawing some attention to footwork in the next session. Needs to be lively and dynamic but also stable, balanced and coordinated with the weapon. It's good to use the warm up games and the more free-flowing drills to focus on footwork- making sure you're always making decisive but controlled steps, never over-committing, not leaning with the body instead of using feet, etc.

    Just as example- what made me think of it- JP in the first video- good balance and stability but movement is a bit static- mostly small shuffles in and out of range and not working with the weapon- moving into range then just using the weapon with the arms. In general could do with being a bit more decisive and committed in attack and that's powered by the feet. As a kind of opposite example- Mike your footwork looks pretty damn good at the moment but you know that habit you did have of overbalancing forward in attack? If you sacrifice stability for that kind of speed, as well as opening yourself to attack, you actually also sacrifice the ability to be explosive as your weight is over committed in one direction and it's hard to shift and use your body properly.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Looking just at the second video - you and Dave - your footwork is quite linear, both in terms of stance and movement. By that, I mean you're tending to keep your feet in line with your opponent (almost crow's footing at times) rather than at a diagonal to the line between you and him. I can draw a diagram if you need it. :P You're also tending to step back and forth without much side to side, which can be very useful in the bind. If you want to say "that was to help the drill by not overcomplicating it", I'll buy it :P Basically, I think you're using fencing footwork. On the plus side, it is active, generally balanced and low.

    You should probably work on winding a little more - there were several occasions when it looked like winding into Ochs might have helped but you stayed in a high, extended Langenort.

    Dave seems to be keeping his weight too forward, with a very bent rear knee. He's doing very well at Fuhlen, with a nice Duplieren in there...

  3. I think that you're both quite right - footwork doesn't look too good. I'll probably nick some of Pete's footwork drills and then mix them into a lesson on coming off from the bind for next week.

    Pete - Crow-footing? And you're right about not using Ochs enough.

    Looking at my own sparring in these videos, it looks as like when I am in a guard my body isn't set up as well as it could be - shoulders hunched forward in Vom Tag, same again for Pflug but my hands are drifting forwards too.

    Also, I'm doing motherflippin' moulinets out of distance. They're pointless and create opportunities for my opponents. Have to train myself out of them.

  4. Mike: