Saturday, 26 February 2011

Class plan for 28/2/11

Warm up. - Jogging, with called changes in direction, jumps, lunge-steps. 5 mins.


  • Group drill. - Weaving around masks on the floor, followed by circling around them, followed by circling around them and air-cutting while doing so. 5 mins.
  • Paired drill. - One person wears a mask and holds a sword as their waist, as if half-swording. When they lift it cover their head, the other person cuts it, as if doing pad-work. Nothing could be simpler. Then add in aliveness as if sparring. 5 mins.

Stretching. - 3 mins.

Brief recap of last week - When someone displaces your attack well, and hasn't yet stabbed you in the head, here are two options. If they displace hard, then you can duplieren behind their blade. If they displace soft, you can mutieren. Not that important to this lesson. 3 mins.

Longsword lesson, 'When to leave the bind'.

Introduce the following:

  • Abnehmen, 'taking off' - removing your sword from the bind. Comparable to Fiore's 'Volta'.
  • Zucken, 'twitching' - pulling your sword back towards you and then immediately thrusting again.
  • Durchwechseln, 'changing through' - taking your blade underneath the opponent's to come up the other side.

- Purpose, to introduce the technique to new people, and to break it down for older members.
- When to do it - when you want to give up on the current bind and attack a different line, without leaving krieg. Otherwise just bind and wind or run away.
- Done when the opponent is displacing your blade too hard/putting too much pressure into the bind. Otherwise they can just stab you in the face.
- Don't make too big a motion, rely on bodyweight and hip rotation to provide power, rather than arms and shoulders. Small and subtle wins the day.
If he's pushing too strongly to displace, Abnehmen. If he's pushing with his sword vertical, your tip to his strong, then zucken. If he's pushing with his sword horizontal, your tip to his strong, Durchwechseln.
- Footwork. Abnehmen pretty much required a step offline, moving the back foot forwards. Openning and closing the hips to generate force. Zucken and Durchwechseln can be done more linearly, as they use the point.
15 mins.

Partnered Longsword Drill 1 (Isolation) - Two people start in the bind. The attacker pushes too hard, the defender uses one of the three options.
10 mins.

Partnered Longsword Drill 2 - Two people start in zufechten, and cut zornhaus. The attacker knowingly puts too much pressure in, and the defender responds with one of the three options. 3 mins.

Partnered Longsword Drill 3 - Two people start in zufechten, and cut with zornhaus. Then just fence. With intent. 5 mins.

Sparring - One half of the hall free like normal, the other half I'd like to grab for 15 minutes of continous sparring, Switching partners every couple of minutes or so. They can get water, slow breathing and watch the fight. So it's not just me being greedy.
- Purpose, I get some of the intensity I've been wanting, they get to rip my fencing to shreds?

Thoughts - Trying to cover both the intensity of training that I worried about in the last post here, and progress to the next logical bit of the Lichtenauer system. Footwork's quite a bit focus, with the drills and Volta-ing, but I think it may be too conceptual/full of stuff. Let's see how it goes.

After this, where to take things? Ringen Am Schwert is always fun, or I could throw in the next of the meisterhau.

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