Monday, 7 February 2011

Just hurry up and hit him with your sword.

So, what's the first thing you have in mind, the first thing you should want to do when in a sword fight? Well, let's see what the documentary evidence recommends:

Dobringer (Erm, 23V) as:
'When you are angry and raging, then no strike is as ready as this upper strike [Oberhaw] struck from the shoulder at the opponent. That is why Liechtenauer means that when someone strikes an upper strike [Oberhaw] against you, then you shall strike a rage strike [Czornhaw] at him; that is you move quickly in towards him with your point leading.'

Ringeck 13v as:
'Note: Always fence using all of your strength! When you're close, strike at his head and at his body, so he may not be able to change through in front of your point.'
and 19r:
'Someone over-hews you,
So wrath-hew and swivel your point;
Note: When your adversary strikes at you from his right side with a strike from above (Oberhau), then hit with a strike of wrath from your right shoulder against it. Strike with your true edge and in your strong. When he is weak at the sword then, thrust into his face along his blade.'

Von Danzig (11R?) as:
'Strike closely at him as you will,
that nothing comes unto your hilt,
head, or body,
allow no attack.
With the entire body fence
as strongly as you can drive.
Glosa When you come to him in pre-fencing, as you would then fence, then drive with your body's full strength, and strike closely to him, one to his head, and to his body, and always keep your point ahead at his face or chest, Thus he can't change through past the point.'
and 13R?:
'To him who strikes you from above,
Wrath Strike point concludes.
Glosa The Wrath Strike counters all high strikes with the point. And it is indeed nothing other than a bad peasant strike. Deploy it thus: when you come to him in the pre-fencing: if he strikes to you from his right side high to the head, then to this also strike from high on your right (note in margin: in the weak on the sword) wrathfully displacing with him on his sword, if he is then weak on the sword, then aim to shoot ahead with the point and stab to his face, or attack the chest between the arms.'

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