Tuesday, 1 March 2011

28/2/11 Training

Okay, this is going to be brief, disjointed and bad, partly because I'm pretty busy at the moment, and partly because Monday's session co-incided with a friend's birthday, there was vodka, and the session is now a little bit fuzzy in my memory...

First up, attendance. Off the top of my head, there were seven people who trained before, three who were brand new really, Glorious Former Leader Johann and myself. Looking at it in terms of class structure, I'd break it down into about half the people being 'new', and half 'experienced'. What's more, a dozen people is really the upper boundary of the size of the space that we're training in.

Pretty much went through the drills as planned. People had a habit of starting the drills but cutting in, thus leading to trying to work with the wrong stimuli etc., and I tried to correct that were I saw it. Jakob had picked up on how 'theoretical' class had been, and made some good points. Good on him for not only thinking of it, but also telling me these things!

The warm-up laps of doom seemed to go down quite well, and also enforce the idea that we were there to train, but the 'intense' sparring for me didn't. I don't know if it was against the wrong people (some of the time I found it turning into free-play with the less experienced members), we weren't changing things around enough, or that the lack of kit was causing too many gaps. In any case, I wasn't really out of breath at the end of the thirty minutes or so it actually took, and I found myself doing quick sprints to stay warmed up. My sparring certainly sucked, just watch the above video.

Maybe it was just that I left my fightin' shorts in the washing machine.

I did play with a dagger with Frodo, who I'd briefly run through some Fiore dagger with outside of class, after that. It went quite well, but I think Jon's old point of 'If I'm unarmed, you have a knife, and you start doing the monkey-knife-fighting-dance, then I'm just going to run away' really held true. Still, it was fun to roll.

Plan for next week - Drills, drills, drills and drills. Stolen drills. Situation drills. Sticky swords drills. Footwork drills. MOAR DRILLS CAP'N

But if you guys could leave feedback, that would really help. Especially given the rest of Monday evening...

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  1. Ok so Last nights class was a fairly large affair with several new people turning up and a spectrum of experience presenting itself, as well as more experienced members who had been absent several weeks and needed to get their head on straight and pick up what they'd missed (read: myself..unfortunately my head still didn't get into exactly the right place but I was happier about it by the end). Firstly kudos to Mike and Johann for handling the influx of people and to mike for his 'evil warm-ups of doom' which I think are a good thing (although I miss the 'pillar assault run').
    We are making some headway covering technique theory and theoretical application in a little more detail than we have for a while, this is a good thing although in doing so we are perhaps missing some of the refinement of said techniques thus far, although once this groundwork is in place we can drill and refine to our hearts content so there is no real issue with this either. Also it is good to get another angle on this 'crazy thing we do swords'.

    Additional props go to Mike for surviving repeated sparring for a length of time against fresher opponents (although there is room for more intense/with intent sparring across the board perhaps as people are wont) , although by the same token sparring isn't the be all and end all of everything so let's not get too ahead of ourselves here.
    There were some good moments all around and I'd like to give a nod here Jakob for being very nice about the fact that I definitely did not have my head in the game while he proceeded to tear me apart this week..on a personal level I will endeavour to correct this and return the favour sometime soon :)