Tuesday, 8 March 2011

7/3/11 Training

Sorry about this guys, but:

I'm pretty broken and Uni work is being a pain. Please leave your feedback though, and I've got a whole tone of videos for you courtesy of Jakob, which I put up in the last post. Today's  footage:
Gary vs. Tom

Pete vs. Mike

Pete vs. Mike 2

And a brief couple of points of self-criticism; - my sparring sucked, I was leaving my hands out there far too much and letting Pete have the initiative. My footwork was pretty dire, and I can't put on an arm-bar.

I will endeavor to improve.


  1. Quick feedback on the Garry/Tom footage. I apologise for any overuse of dubious pseudo-German:

    First pass: we begin with Garry in Vom Tag on his right shoulder, Tom in Alber on his left. Garry steps in with an out of range downwards cut. Tom brings his sword up to meet it, then tries to force the bind up and to his left to bring his sword on top. Garry takes this opportunity to Durchweseln and cut to Tom's right shoulder, but takes a cut to his leg.

    In that first pass, both fighters showed nice footwork, passing with their strikes. There were some issues with balance in the bind (I've managed to freeze it at 5s in - Tom's off balance forwards, while Garry's doing a lunge), but their sword work showed good targeting but poorer defence (looking at my video, I can't criticize on this. I need to work on absetzen!)

    The Second pass began with both in Alber. Garry thrust (without a step!) and was beaten aside by Tom, who raised his sword to Kron and cut down. Garry met the cut with a cover in Ochs on his left, and wound down to Pflug, but the fighters then stepped apart. I think there might have been a good opportunity at that point for Garry to step forwards and press his advantage.

    Tom's balance in the second pass looked a lot better, but he didn't step. In the Zufechten, Garry was working angles and stepping a lot more actively, looking for an opening, while Tom stayed still, which I think worked to give Garry the iniative. I remember Tom commenting that Garry was using distance quite effectively to avoid a cut and following up with Nachreisen (following into the opening created after an attack).

  2. About the session itself: the tempo this week was a bit faster than last week, which was to the good, I think. It made things seem to gel a lot more, at least from my point of view. I think the only real problem at the moment is simply lack of space in the church, but Friday sessions should be more than enough to compensate. (Perhaps we might eventually have Monday for drilling and Friday for sparring? Random thoughts, but still.)

    On the other hand, it was nice to see Mike not get everything his own way for once! ;)