Monday, 21 March 2011

Class Plan for 21/3/11

So, some of you may have notices a lack of posts analysing out training after sessions. To make it worse, I'm not sure if I'm going to have time to come up with a proper lesson plan on the blog this week. It's not lack of love for HEMA, just University getting in the way. It's approaching the end of term, so I've been battling a lot of deadlines and group work, all of which drag me away from hitting people with swords.

Last week's session was a bit of a step back from the week before, partly because I was teaching a new technique rather than just drilling, and partly because energy just wasn't there. I don't know if it was my lesson's pacing or just a lack of drive by that point on a Monday.

Rough outline for today:
Warm ups, stretches.

Using swords as focus mitts, getting people warmed up and in the mindset for longsword work.
Speaking Window drill.
[Start switching between the two every thirty seconds or so, and swapping partners every minute, as they don't rely on kit]

Practice cuts - 20 Zornhaus from the right, 20 Zornhaus from the left. 20 Zorn-Orts from the side that the person is most comfortable from. 20 Zwerches to the right. 20 Zwerches to the left.

Teach people how to infinity cut/figure of eight cut/ribbon cut.

Something like the drill Jon did at the open day. Person 1 attacks, person 2 defends. Unfortunately this needs everyone to have kit. Also, realistically, only three people can do it in the space at a time. So I'm tempted to say that those with kit get priority.

  • Person 1 cuts oberhaus to either side without stepping. Person 2 tries to statically block without moving.
  • Person 1 cuts oberhaus to either side and can step. Person 2 tries to displace them without moving.
  • Person 1 cuts oberhaus to either side and can step. Person 2 tries to displace them or catch Person 1 with a thrust. Things are now a hell of a lot more cagey.
Circle of Death with Longswords - Using spare swords or whatever is to hand, make a 4 ft wide circle. One person is in the circle, the other outside. For three attacks, the person inside can only defend. After that, they are able to counter. First person to die loses. Need to be fully kitted up.

No idea whether this will work or not, but to be honest these 'no teaching, only learning' drill sessions depend a hell of a lot on who shows up and what mood they are in.

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