Thursday, 3 March 2011

Class plan for 7/3/11

I'm just going to lay this out there right now, I intend to have the next session be focussed on one thing...

Warm up. - Circle of Doom! Jogging, with called changes in direction, jumps, lunge-steps. 10 mins.

Stretch. - 3 mins.

Footwork Group Drills:
  • Weaving around gloves on the floor, followed by circling around them, followed by circling around them and air-cutting while doing so. 5 mins.
  • Pillar of Doom! Explain about cutting with the sword leading, to cover yourself. Eveyone jogs the length of the hall, cuts at me as I stand there holding a sword out straight in front of me. Displace my sword, or get stabbed. Sprint back to the beginning of the queue. 5 mins.
  • Group drill. - Pillar of Doom! Mk. II! Same as before, but instead of jogging up, you have to circle around gloves on the floor as before. 5 mins.

Paired Drills:
  • Peek-a-boo Drill. - One person wears a mask and holds a sword as their waist, as if half-swording. When they lift it cover their head, the other person cuts it, as if doing pad-work. Nothing could be simpler. Then add in aliveness as if sparring. 5 mins.
  • Jon's Covered Cutting Paired Drill. - Attacker in vom Tag, defender in Pflug. As the attacker begins their zornhhau the defender may thrust (carefully! Masks! Gorgets!). If attacker is cutting with cover and with the correct sequence of movement then they should avoid the thrust. Important that attacker focuses on delivering a committed cut rather than planning ahead to parry the thrust. Sword should lead followed by hands followed by body and feet (at speed this combines into one motion). When it gets boring, you aren't using your feet enough. 10 mins.
  • Jon's Tempo Paired Drill. - Each person takes up any guard. One person attacks with any attack to an opening in the opponent's guard. Once they are familiar with openings in each guard they attack as the opponent CHANGES guard. Again looking for an opening. People are often vulnerable when moving between guards. This drill practises exploiting that and moving in mezza tempo in general. 10 mins.
  • Bill Carew's Paired Drill. - The attacker starts in any guard, the defender in Pflug or Ochs. The attack strikes at any opening in the opponent's guard. The defender transitions to a different hanger and displaces the attack. The defender tries to keep his point online. 10 mins.
  • Bill Carew's Paired Drill Mk. II - The same as above, except that the roles are reversed after every four passes. 10 mins. 

After this, FREE SESSION. But I want to:
  • Run through some dagger stuff with Frodo again if he's there.
  • Take Ben and do a 'from a ringen grip, practise footwork/feeling.
  • Five minutes of rolling with Pete, followed by squats, followed by SPARRING TO THE DEATH. Loser has a hand and a foot cut off for committing perjury/buys the other a pint. Let's keep this stuff historical, you know?
  • Jakob would like to chat to the more advanced fencers for five minutes.
  • Propose an official Iron Door Collective consensus decision to use IDC funds to buy Jakob a beer for the above.
Notes: To yeah, hopefully there's nothing here conceptually that I haven't mentioned in the last month, just practice, practice and a warm up. There isn't very much speaking-window or hangen-and-schnapped going on. This is just to train the most basic attributes. Have fun, y'all.


  1. Sounds good...especially the fight to the "Death". I need to work on that.

  2. Planning classes instead of just showing up and trying to make it up on the spot... and sticking to the schedule... why did I never think of these things?! Keep up the good work!


  3. Sounds like a plan indeed, looking forward to it!

  4. @Jon: Indeed the force is strong with this one.

  5. @Jon - It's only because I couldn't get away with doing that...
    @Ben - Cheers for the input. Glad you can make it again.