Tuesday, 8 March 2011

More videos from 28/2/11

Last Week (28/2/11), I wanted to spar everybody. I think that I pretty much did. This week, Jakob got me footage of that:
Tom vs. Ben

Tom vs. Ben 2

Mike vs. Jakob and Mike vs. Dave

Mike vs. Dave 2

Ben vs. Mike

Tom vs. Mike

Tash vs. Mike

Cat vs. Mike

Jakob vs. Ben


  1. Just a quick observation from these videos of Dave (I haven't watched everything here properly yet and of course this is now 'old-hat' so to speak but), he definitely needs more insight/to be aware of his stance and where he is positioning his feet (or more precisely his orientation thereof) his front foot tends to be turned in too much and his back foot tends to not be turned out enough. Like I said, a very quick observation..

  2. Also..the hell was I doing that week..