Monday, 16 May 2011


I'm trying to work out what to run on Monday's session, and I'm beginning to feel that what we're exhausting what I know about the Lichtenauer system. Who knows, I may just end up running a drill-centric class tomorrow.

Oh, and the anonymous person behind Hans Talhoffer on facebook made a post on his blog: You should read it, it's really good.

Monday, 2 May 2011

More of those Sword and Buckler ramblings

So, still no answer as to why that manuscript had seemingly anachronistic sword and buckler fighters in it - Magnus proposed that they might be meant to represent a more rural type of fighter.
In any case, I just noticed that the Jörg Breu Sketchbook is now available online, and guess what it has in it?
Okay, no need to guess
Looks like it's a direct copy of the other sketches, but in any case it's from the 1543 Cod.I.6.2°.4

See and

Apart from that I'm up to my neck in University work - no idea if I'll be able to make Monday's session in the park...