Tuesday, 20 September 2011

19/09/11 Training - stabbing him in the face.

As normal, a quick place holder until I get around to writing something up properly.
The content of the class was very similar to last week - bind mechanics and entering the fight. The big difference was that rather than hitting the other guy with your sword, it was centred on stabbing them in the face...

Another good turn out - this week there were the same recent faces, and as well as a few more chaps. Some of who apparently know my brother from years back. Small world. The only down side to this that we're running out of space and loaner kit - I'll have a scout around Exeter again to look for alternative venues.

Everyone seemed to get something out of it and enjoy themselves, but I'm beginning to feel that I can start bringing in different drills, now we've got the absolute basics down.

And now, because no blog post is complete without a distracting picture to break up the wall of text, have something completely unrelated:

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