Thursday, 29 September 2011

Test cutting

Spent the last couple of days test cutting while Pete's still down, using a loaned Albion Regent. Look it up. It's pretty. Over-all, I'm amazed at how much the experience has made me immediately aware of how much I have yet to learn in HEMA as a martial art - this is something that the documentary evidence says very little at and which I would really like to improve at.

In any case, here's some contrasting compilations:
from last night; and from tonight:

It's a step forwards. A tiny, tiny baby step, but progress none the less. I think that the biggest difference is that before I was trying to strike the target and impart momentum to it in the strike (and boy did they go flying), while tonight I was at least partly attempting to cut through the target with it interfering as little as possible.

But looking at the front on footage, my footwork's terrible! Something to work on, and hopefully something that'll pay off in sparring...

Pete's heading back to London tomorrow morning, so there will be a bit of a lull in the HEMA-centricism of my life for a few days until things settle down again. It'll be a shame to see him off, since he's been a brilliant training partner and a good class leader. Also, I'll miss his shiny new video camera...

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