Tuesday, 18 October 2011

18/10/11 Training

So, I spent today doing someone-else's-home-improvement rather than planning a lesson. Blame the economy.

You know that drill? Where one person does a vertical cut, and the other displaces/parries/deals with it by adopting a hanging guard on the opposite side, and then mirrors the movement? Like Fiore's 'Villian's Blow' or whatever? The dead as hell one?

I ran that. As an excuse to get people thinking about tempo, to introduce some entering into crappling grappling, to introduce hangen and schnappen, to play around with Zwerchaus. That kind of stuff.

I also introduced the Schilhau as another type of displacing cut. So, lots of introducing and a fair bit of dead drilling, we can work on this.

Next week is Johann's leaving beating though, so perhaps not then.


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