Sunday, 23 October 2011

24/10/11 Plan

Tomorrow night is IDC night, and as I mentioned before it'll also be Johann's last night. My plan is therefore to run a warm up and stretch like normal, and then let people spar him. I'd quite like to take a back seat for a class, although I'll be up for it if people want to ask questions or do some one on one training. I've also got a lesson plan for the Schilhau if people are up for it, but that can always be left a week.

Also, Jakob was interested in getting some Hanwei practical rapiers. I would certainly be up for having a play with them, and have a fencing jacket, and I'm sure Ben feels the same. Anyone else?

Apart from that, I'm all right. Been thinking a bit about the best way of interpreting the earlier KDF's intentions (ie. who was the intended audience, how does this relate to how we train and what we train for?), but I haven't reached any kind of conclusion yet - damn SG threads, bringing up complicated issues...

Tom's mask rocks.

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