Friday, 11 November 2011

Flowing/Cutting/Footwork Drill Theft.

Scott Brown is a guy who does HEMA. He seems to like flow drills, geeky references and coffee in the morning. You can find his youtube channel here, or you can stalk him yourself.
At FightCamp he did a class this year in which he presented a drill. Initially, I felt that it was very confusing and 'dead' drill. Now though, I feel that it may be useful in order to help get people used to changing footwork. The drill also has a lovely mathematical elegance, and that kind of stuff is important in sword fighting. Just ask the Spanish rapier guys.

Pete summed up the drill as follows:
1 is cutting from your right, down to the left.  2 is cutting from your left, down and to the right.  When you cut line 1, you step with the right foot, whether passing or shuffling.  When you cut 2, you step with the left foot.  You parry into the guard with the sword-side foot to the rear.
To explain - start with parrying with Pflug on the inside.  You start with your left feet forwards.  You're gonna start.  So cut 1, with a passing step forwards.  He parries with a left Pflug, so needs to pass backwards.  Then he cuts a 2, so needs to pass forwards again, while you pass backwards.  Then you cut a 2, but you've now got a left foot forwards, so it's a shuffle for you and him.  etc  You need to do 12211221 to reset to starting positions.
Repeat with inside Ochs blocks, and then outside Ochs (hanging stylee) and outside Pflug.

This may or may not have something to do with Monday's class.

Yes, this is somewhat at odds with the 'drill with intent/aliveness' line I've been going on about. Meh.

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