Monday, 12 December 2011

12/12/11 Lesson Plan

No session last week, on account of a Carol Service in the space we use. We won a pub quiz instead. Go team!

Now, the plan for tonight's session is as follows.

20mins Meet, greet, warm-up, stretch. Ask Gazza if he wants to lead this?

15mins Everyone get as much kit as possible. Practice cuts 'dead', including:
10x Diagonal cuts down from the right shoulder
Diagonal cuts down from the left shoulder
Diagonal cuts up from both sides with the back edge.
Diagonal cuts up from both sides with the front edge.
(Possibly, depending on experience levels - Krumphaus from the dominant side, zwerchaus)

10mins Pair up. In super-slow motion, one person (the Agent) approaches the other (the Patient) from out of distance. The Agent goes for a strike or stab - trying to go slowly, if not telegraph. The Patient has lots of time to consider their options, footwork etc. and then make a cover or a counter.

5mins Now the Agent doesn't stop after one cut, but rather keeps on striking, using all the cuts we ran through earlier. Again, the Patient has time to sonsciously think about stance, feet, weight and blade engagement.

For both these steps, we're running at very low intensity. Winning isn't the point here. Don't rob your partner.

15 mins 'Flurry of blows'/Covering drill, part 1:
Start very well out of distance. Say, four metres apart or more.
both enter range, the Agent entering with a cut. The Agent continues to throw out cuts on different lines until they leave range again, so at least three cuts. Abzug and all that jazz.
The Patient parries/counters, and continues to try to not be cut. Countering with your point 'on-line' is optimal, but not if you try and achieve that at the expense of being struck with a gurt big sharp sword. This drill is designed to pressure test what was going on in the previous drill.
After the Agent has left the fight, reset to very-much-out-of-range and start again, swapping patient and agent.

10 mins 'Flurry of blows'/Covering drill, part 2:
As before. Except that now the Patient tries to get a counter-cut in as the Agent does the vorschlag, ie. a zwerchau, a zornhau, a schielhau. You get the idea.
BUT The Patiest also has to cover themselves from the incoming cuts. As before, they're trying not to get struck by a longsword here.

That's the main bit of drilling. After that, people are welcome to spar, and I'd like to do one-to-one work with lots of people. In no particular order:
Any first time attendees.
Jamie - Say, on introducing closing and grappling into longsword fights, if he's ready for that.
JP - Any questions, see how his fighting is getting along. Ask him to teach me something!
Dan - Any questions, see how his fighting is getting along.
Ben - Catch up, any questions, see how his fighting is getting along. Having spoken to him, give him positive mind-rays until he feels healthier.

Now, let's see how it goes.
Have a funky looking walrus by Albrecht 'I sketch fechtbuchs' Dürer... 
Edit: Well, that went more or less to plan, more of less on time. An all-right turn out, given the weather, but a few faces missing. A couple of new ones too, who did great. Any feedback guys?

Oh, and there WILL be a session next Monday (the 19th).

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