Monday, 19 December 2011

IDC Lesson Plan 19/12/11

Today plan is really a continuation of last week's drill, with a little exercise on getting used to the 'feel of the bind' at the end, if people want to try their new steel toys.

10 mins to meet, greet and sort out kit.

10 mins to warm up. Gazza is welcome to run this.

5 mins to stretch, and discuss today's plans

10 minutes of 'dead' cutting, to get everyone warmed up and used to their training tools/moving like a sword fighter again. The rought plan is:

  • Cuts from above, right and left.
  • Cuts from below, right and left.
  • Thrusts from Ochs with a step forwards, recovering into Ochs.
  • Thrusts from Pflug, recovering into Pflug.
  • Zwerchaus, right and left, and then in combination.

Now that's over, we kit up and drill:

10 mins of last week's blocking/stringing together cuts drill. Again, taking it nice and slow to begin with (especially if using steel), and gradually increasing pressure.

5 mins After a while, focus more on making a cover while keeping the point on the other person. If needs be, we can being in the Scott Brown longsword flow drill of mathematical perfection.

5 mins to explain that we're ignoring doing 'hidden strikes' against the vorschlag for the moment, because we'll run through a liiitle drill. Partner up like weapon with like weapon and do the following until it's time to stop. At all points, switch roles and reset.

  • Agent comes in with a downwards cut, an oberhau.
  • Patient, in response, does a Zornhau.
  • If neither cut lands, then the person with the centre-line stabs the other in the face.
  • If the stabber fails, then the stabbed responds with an absetzen, displacing the oncoming thrust by moving into Ochs or Pflug.
  • If the absetzen failed, it's because the stabber either flinched into Kron, or did their own displacement. The stabbed can get past this with either Duplieren or Mutieren.

Tie this into sparring - Freeplay where entering range is limited to downwards diagonal cuts.

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