Monday, 20 February 2012

20/02/11 Session

A brief re-cap of what happened:
Warm up, incorporating a little bit of getting used to 'being in each other's space'.
Some points on body mechanics. Beginning with everyone walking around the room looking snooty - head tilted back, shoulders rolled back and hips stuck forwards. Specifically, keeping the hips facing forward. Keeping the elbows 'in line' with the hips. Keeping the hilt in line with the forearms. Doing 'Ochs' right. It's basic stuff, but we'd been sloppy and I wanted to bring people up on it. It's partly also a tactical choice - you can fence more linearly, or with different weighting.
Then JP led us into a footwork drill. It began with mirrored stances, and the dance leader either performing a round, compass step or a 'shuffling' step, and their partner mirroring it. That naturally led to doing it with a bind, and then without a set leader, and finally while also going for thrusts.

Then sparring. Tom in particular impressed me with how much he has improved over the last few months.
As for depictions in period art, I'm working on an infographic in my spare time. Short answer - compare and contrast the following. They're a bunch of explicitly labelled depictions of Pflug:


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