Tuesday, 28 February 2012

27/02/12 - Back to the Italian.

So, this week we took a break from the Liechtenauer to do a compare and contrast with Fiore's system. We ended up working with the Giocco Large (wide-play) section of the sword-in-two-hands in the Getty Manuscript. I'll send out an email with links to copies of the manuscript.

The session was pretty manual-focused, going through the plays in order. The drilling was pretty dead, but this was really an introductory class - different vocabulary and different cutting/body mechanics too.

Man, I prefer Liechtenauer as a system.


  1. While I sadly missed this class, I can understand te 'system view' f liechtenauer,but you have t remember that the fioreian sword sections assume knowledge of the preceeding sections of his system as they all overlap and build consistently upon one another and what we are doing by this is really akin to pieces on the cutting room floor (which sounds much more badassly apt than I intended)