Wednesday, 7 March 2012

5/3/12 Session, some questions to the dudes and a bit of snideness.

This last Monday we did Fiore. We started with a warm up and stretch, and then worked on a few of Fiore's wide plays again. It was a mix of experienced and brand new people, which always makes leading class interesting.

Then we moved on to the close plays. Unfortunately, since we didn't do dagger first, the relationship between some of them and some of the dagger plays wasn't self-evident to most people. Oh well. And again, because it was mostly introductory stuff, the drills were relatively dead. I did try and emphasise training pairs of one more and one less experienced people.

Then I worked with the newer people for a bit on basic cutting mechanics and 'the first decision tree' of a bind. You have the centre line/they're pushing you off the centre line/oh crap they have the centre-line and aren't leaving it.

So anyway, a few questions to the more experienced people - how are you finding training lately? How's your free-play going? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your fight? What bits of a fight don't you feel you understand? Any ideas of how we can train so your fighting/fencing/freeplaying/whateveryouwannacallit is better?

Oh, and HEMA Alliance and Schola Gladiatoria forums are all agog with talk that an American fencing (as in, Olympic fencing) organisation might certificate people for Historical Fencing. I'm not going to touch that discussion with a ten foot pole.

Is there an opportunity for me to become a better fighter, or better at turning other people into fighters? Awesome.

Everything else is politics.
And [nearly] every time I see someone bring up about God/Chivalry/Honour/Poorly communicated philosophy and its relationship with HEMA?

I think of this:

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