Friday, 2 March 2012

On Sparring out of Distance

Watching two people both waiting out of distance, hoping the other guy twitches first is only dramatic in Kurosawa movies. For sparring, it's a lot like pulling closed guard and clinging really tightly in BJJ, hoping the other guy will give up and go away.

I have nothing against feints done right. I'm totally for trying to steal the initiative with footwork. I'm only slightly annoyed by one handed shots out of distance when you don't have to care about edge-alignment.

But this.


  1. The point being less "fighting on the defense is bad for fighting to win" as "putting all your effort into making sure nothing happens that risks you means you learn little".

    Although the BJJ analogy isn't quite right, as the double-not-engaging takes two to tango. More comparable with the one guy continuously retreats while hand sniping scenario, I guess.

    Basically, sparring is still learning time, people. Take risks, lose, tap out or get hit, and keep taking those risks until you can make them pay off.