Monday, 30 April 2012

KdF Weekend.

This last weekend I travelled up to a seminar by Thomas Stoeppler for the KdF group. The man is fast as  greased lightning, strikes impressively hard and is generally better at Longsword fighting than me. The seminar was brilliant, and touched up a lot of things that I was aware of, but hadn't tried to use in fencing for a long time.
On a different note, his Schielhau and Scheitelhau interpretations were pretty different to any that I had seen before. I need to investigate.
But generally, the form he presented seems much closer to the depictions in MS Germ.Quart.2020 and Cod.44.A.8, compared to how I've been fighting. He also had a good explanation of how that developed into Meyer-esque deep stances with shifting torsos.

Now, time to bring that into my fighting...

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  1. From what we discussed previously, it sounds like there were some interesting things being developed there, I am intrigued and there are a few things I think it's about time I started writing down and exploring..

    Also..I'll see you back in training at last!