Sunday, 3 June 2012

Rhetorical Questions

My life's been dominated by work recently. I've still managed to attend a few Exeter sessions, but Plymouth has become more difficult. I'm going to begin Olympic fencing again instead - as much for the exercise as any other aspect of training.

I've also been thinking a bit recently about the difference between 'doing HEMA' and 'training a HEMA', but that feeds back into 'doing HEMA for entertainment' as opposed to 'finding training a HEMA entertaining'. Which in turn raises questions about 'What does it take to create a good training atmosphere'. That in turn brings in other things like 'Multiple coaches who know how to train people' and 'a set space reserved for training in.' and lots of other things. It all boils down to 'I don't know how to keep training well beyond ten basic sessions in one aspect of one martial art.'

And then I think that if boxers can achieve the levels of skill and athleticism that they do, with do little, how come HEMAs (especially in this country) don't?

And how come other groups, in other countries, have progressed so far ahead?

Lots and lots of rhetorical questions here. Imma gonna go and order some sparring gloves, so that I can train better rather than whining.

HistFenc review coming up soon.

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