Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Post Fight Camp Blues

An update? Oh me oh my. I haven't really been able to do much HEMA lately, so there hasn't been much to say.

Last weekend I went to fight Camp, the largest UK HEMA event, and four nights of camping. Met interesting people, sparred a bunch of them, learned from a bunch of them, got drunk with a bunch of them. Great times.

In terms of Liechtenauer longsword, I need to focus on fencing in range at the moment - on series of cuts (like Roger Norling's wonderful lesson on Meyer), but also on recognising and being able to act on changes in that range (which also came up in Lopes' biomechanics class).

Pete took a class on how to fall safely. I don't think that it was what people were expecting. The feedback seemed to be that the pace was too fast, and that he needed to have better awareness of a large group of students of mixed ability. Stuff for him to work on I guess.

There's always too much to say without turning it into another "this one time at FightCamp" thread. Matthew from Northern Ireland (sorry, I've forgotten your last name!) and Mike Ball both seriously impressed me with an awesome attitude. Miri is a damn great guy (and his documentation of the event is brilliant). Bryn is incredibly sound and makes far too drinkable sloe vodka, as well as impressing everyone in the mixed-nylon competition.

Looks like I won't be able to make Slovenia because of work. I'll have to get my arse to SwordFish instead...

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